Street Style Saturday-Psychedelic Summer

Electric Oranges is Carly Sinigoi and Sarah Starling from Brevard County in Florida. It is a pop up style shop filled with vintage, up cycles and modern couture apparel straight from the Sunshine State. Their collection features items that span several decades and their tastes are impeccable and fun.


Danielle Gess, Theresa Lanno and Misti Blu Day where the hair and makeup team for this shoot. We got ready at The Big Bang Studio and took this set outside of the studio. Photos are by Misti Blu Photography and of course wardrobe and styling by Electric Oranges. We came together to collaborate on a few ideas. Stay tuned for our Street Style Saturday, which will be dedicated to sharing these delicious shoots as well as including information on how to track down Electric Oranges.

1IMG_7468 DSC_1817 1DSC_1799

You can see their next pop up here:

October 10th 9am-5pm

Rehab Vintage Revival
Highland Ave, Downtown Eau Gallie
Large variety of vendors

Foodie Friday: Simple 4 Ingredient Broccoli Aioli Pasta

There was a point in my life that I was a dedicated vegan. It lasted a good four years and I was probably the healthiest I ever was but I was in a part time job and was able to commit the time to making fresh, tasty, nutrient dense foods.
As I fell into the fast paced world of full time jobs, school aged kids and messy houses, my commitment waned and I had resorted to quick meals.

This particular recipe had survived the “change of life” due to its simplicity, flavor and my children’s desire to eat it. By cooking the broccoli with the pasta the flavors all get infused, the shell pasta becomes little cup holders of deliciousness and the broccoli medallions gives an added texture that is surprisingly delightful.


Prep time: 10 minutes
Cook time: 15 minutes

1 bunch of broccoli
2 tablespoons olive oil
3 small to median cloves of garlic
Shell pasta or Barilla Collezione shell pasta.
Salt to taste


Start a large pot of water to boil.
Cut of the heads off the broccoli and peel the tough outer skin of the stems (with either a peeler or a knife) cut the stems to create disks/medallions and throw in the pot.
Next, chop the broccoli heads into small bite size pieces and throw in pot with the stems.
When the water begins to boil and the broccoli has taken on a slightly brighter hue, add the pasta in to the pot as well, stirring occasionally to ensure nothing sticks.
Follow manufacturers directions for time cooked (personally, I like al dente)
While its cooking, take two to three garlic cloves, peel off outer layer and smash with the flat of your chopping knife the chop into tiny pieces.
As pasta finishes cooking, get a large measuring cup and reserve about one cup of the water that the pasta/broccoli mixture cooked in. Set aside. Then drain pasta and return to pot.
Heat olive oil in pan and add garlic. When the garlic just starts to really sizzle, turn off heat. Cooking too long can create a slightly bitter taste.
Pour over pasta and add the reserved cup of water. Season with salt and Stir well.
Serve with some shredded Parmesan.

Tell us what you think!

Beautiful Thursday – 30 Day Cleanse?

By Misti Blu Day


Sorry in advance, but I just cannot jump on whatever current cleanse or fitness bandwagon is “in” at the moment. It is not that I would rather shove a cupcake in my mouth over a packet of intensly flavored nutrition and yellow number 5 that will make me shit my brains out all morning… Wait, maybe I would rather eat the cupcake.

I just cannot wrap my head around artificial flavored packets to pour into my water and then try to sell the brand off to my friends.  I do not like sweets very often and the flavores for the packets and shakes are always desserty. Slim Fast is the original gangster. Then we had shakeology. Now, Advocare. But first… To each their own! I am not knocking it. It just in not for me.

When I get on a health kick I simply just do healthy things like take vitamins, drink lots of water, eat healthy, exercise. Occasionally I will load up a smoothie with Green Vibrance, which I get at the local health food store.

I put it in my smoothie, also loaded with blueberries and spinach, bee pollen, kefir and whatever other healthy shit I have on hand. I call it the Darth Vader smoothie because of the color. It is actually quite delicious and for someone who cannot do breakfast, it works!

Honestly, the last time I made a smothie was quite awhile ago. I just started trying to get in shape again. The point of this post is to inspire myself and others to get back on the health kick. What works best for me is to ease into it, otherwise I feel like a failure the first mistake or set back I have. Plus, changing your lifestyle can make you drag your feet because it can be overwhelming, which is why I started the 30 day challenge to ease yourself into a healthy lifestyle.

Week One:

  • No Booze! FML right? It is pretty tough considering that most activities seem to revolve around drinking but just stick to it. Let your friends know so they don’t come over with a bottle of wine or ask you to meet them at the pub this weekend. I reached out to Facebook friends about doing non-drinking activities after spending my week at home being antisocial and was pleasantly surprised at how many people were down! Kayaking, bike rides, painting, a good old fashioned movie… The options are limitless!
  • Drink 16oz of water when you wake up. I am an advid water drinker but mostly later in the day and at night. I never drink water in the morning unless it is an extra large iced caramel macchiato with extra caramel drizzle, please!
  • That is it for week 1. I lost 6 pounds just from that. I did a 1 minute wall sit and about 20 squats per day. Since I was not having my typical shots of Jameson on Tuesday and Saturday, I rewarded myself with wings and cupcakes in bed.  

Week Two

  • I am going to continue everything from week one but no eating after midnight add this routine everyday:

Week Three: 

  • Breakfast. No eating after midnight began last week. I think that was my favorite time to eat! RIP midnight snacks! Breakfast was never a thing for me unless it was at noon. If you are not a breakfast person first thing in the morning then go the smoothie route. Breakfast means Break (the) Fast from going all night without food. It is very important.
  • Continue steps from week one and two. Notice that we are weaning ourselves into a healthy lifestyle!?
  • Cut out all fried food and lower your sugar intake. I replaced my iced loaded caramel crack coffees with herbal tea.  

Week Four:

  • Continue ever from week 1-3 and make sure you are drinking plenty of water.
  • At this point, you may reward yourself with a glass of wine or a cold beer. Everything in moderation! Going back out to the bars and doing shots will not keep the weight off. Some people allow themselves a “cheat day.” Icall mine Sinning Sunday.
  • Become more active. In addition to the daily home workout, go on a brisk walk, go kayaking, whatever works for you.
  • Stay healthy. Do healthy things. Think healthy thoughts.

Good luck!

Wanderlust Wednesday – Michigan with Theresa Lanno

Beer • Football • Camaraderie 

Those are the 3 words that describe Michigan and it’s pretty awesome to feel a part of it. It is ranked #5 for the most breweries in the nation. I went to one called Olde Peninsula and had a flight.
From left to right:

Sierra Rose Raspberry out of Grand Rapids

Monks Sour Ale 

Cider Boys Draft

Obren Wheat Ale

All Local! My favorite was the Raspberry. 

Tacos from Old Burdick’s Bar and Grill

BEEF TACOS: Barbacoa beef, queso fresco, lettuce, pico de gallo, creamy chipotle sauce. 

The BEST fried pickles I have ever had at Olde Peninsula Brewpub in Kalamazoo. On Saturday and Sunday they have brunch specials till 2pm. I ordered the Irish Dubler.


Michigan goes from suburbs to city life within 10 minutes. My boyfriend’s mom lives on the most beautiful peaceful lake in Battle Creek, called Lake Pine. Simply Gorgeous! 


15 Minutes up the street, I was sitting on a rooftop in Kalamazoo looking over the most beautiful city ever. A college town,  but classy fun and unexpectedly inexpensive! The Wild Bull was my favorite bar by far. If you’re in your early 20s you will love Grotto or AFB (Another Fucking Bar).


They do something a “shotski” Everyone takes a shot at the same time off of a ski! It was entertaining and really messy, but a must try. Duh! 

If you live in Michigan, you love Michigan and you most likely love football! It’s very endearing. The camaraderie is nothing like I have ever seen! It just is was it is! I’m learning little by little but the big rivalry seems to be State or Michigan and they take it SERIOUSLY! Oh, and if you like Ohio state don’t tell anyone! Oh yeah, ask for “pop” not “soda.”  Everyone  loves Mountain Dew and everyone will take out their hand to show you were they live. 

My trip to Michigan was the best of both worlds, I loved it! Awesome nightlife, peaceful lakes, and great people. Everyone is so nice. I had 4 girls come up to me to say that they like my hair or that I was pretty! That doesn’t happen in Florida ever. After dinner, at my boyfriend’s mother’s house, her neighbor brought us a fresh raspberry pie right from her garden! She told me she brings her stuff every week. I would do nothing but eat here. All the food was amazing! 


So yes, I’ve become “a little smitten with the mitten.” 


Top 5 Tuesday – Our Top 5 Favorite Photo Apps

One of our favorite things is to take beautiful pictures that captures our favorite moments. Luckily, Misti Blu is an accomplished photographer but let’s face it, having the equipment to take all these pictures on the fly is just not an option. That’s where our handy dandy phones come to the rescue, but what do you do when you’ve captured a beautiful shot but it looks flat and uninspired?

Photo Apps to the rescue!

Many of the best photo Apps have a wide variety of options from preset adjustments to full autonomy where you can choose what the picture needs to adjust. I’ve also been known to use multiple apps on the same picture if I’m looking for a certain effect. Here are the ones we are playing with now but tell us your favorites!

1) Autodesk Pixlr 

This is a free app that gives tons of options for presets and is one of my favorites for selfies. Why? Because it has a lovely button to create a smooth glow to the picture. I also love their text options, borders and overlays that can add anything from laser beams to pretty morning light flecks that add a touch of magic.


What I don’t like is their stickers. Though I’m not one to use them on the regular to begin with, I personally find their options cheesy.

*Bonus Feature: If you have a blemish there’s a “heal” button that will eliminate it. Sigh…if only there was one in real life.


My son turned me on to this free app about a month ago. Though their options for presets are limited in the free version, I do love the many easy to use options to adjust the picture by hand. I find this app particularly helpful when I take a picture that is too dark. Sometimes just changing the lighting and contrast won’t cut it. The color and sharpness may get lost in the process which is where this app really shines. From tint colors, saturation, sharpness….I’ve taken pictures that were unrecognizable to wow in moments.


*What I don’t like? There’s no add ons, like writing text or overlays but as a straight up photo editor, it kicks ass.

3) TextsPhoto


Admittedly I’m just starting to play around with this one. I’ve tried several apps that add texts along with the option of banners and stickers for my advertising. Though you have to pay .99 cents to get all the font options, they still give you enough for free to feel like you can mix it up a bit. I love their banners, seals and scrolling that you can add to the picture however I’m still figuring out how to adequately shrink the text with out tilting it. I’m a bit of a perfectionist so to see a line of text ever so slightly askew and I keep overshooting to make it straight again, I get frustrated and trash the whole project.

Again, this one has been superior than some of the other “just add text” apps but still has its quirks. I still use Pixlr Express because its a little more user friendly but it definitely does not have all the options that this app has.

4) Afterglow

Afterglow is Misti’s go to app. You can resize images into squares for Instagram, play with filters, add light leaks or film scratches, record actions and save them for easier and faster use. I love how artsy you can make an image. If I could change one thing about it, it would be that there was a text option.

5) Diptic

Diptic is a collage app that also lets you adjust filters, borders, color, text, etc. I especially love that it does not add it’s logo to your collage when done, like the other collage apps I have tried. It is great for personal as well as professional. I use it a lot for before and after shots and for marketing. Super simple and saves your favorite templates.

ABM: Cute and quirky fun photo app with filters and stickers and texts to dress up and photo on the fly.

Hipstamatic: Artsy film style camera that let’s you collect and use different lenses, film, flashes, etc. Great for the film nerd who misses their old camera.


Music Monday – The Village Idiot – IdiOlympics!

We have some exciting news! For the past month we’ve been working with the awesome people at The Village Idiot Pub in Cocoa Village, on a little side project.

On Monday, September 7th, the Village Idiot will be throwing the first ever IdiOlympics! A day of fun events, team competitions, and lots and lots of beer over at the River Front Park in Cocoa Village. If you haven’t signed up yet, get over to the Pub and sign up your team by no later than the 6th then sleep well my friends. It starts at the crack of noon!

Where do we come in?

As we all know, Misti has her fingers on the pulse of the local music scene so with a wave of her magical conductor baton, she has arrange an day of some kickass music. Here is the lineup:


The Mondo Tikis are a three piece from Cocoa Beach that are fun and flavorful and put on a good time. Jim Pacelt is also part of The Seagullmen and Jon Woodward is in The Wilderness. These guys breathe music so you know the passion is there for the taking. 


Jacie is just so stinking adorable! She has a great voice and can jam on the guitar in a cute dress. You can buy her music on iTunes! I see this girl going places one day so see her here while you can! 


The Dull Blades are a duo that have been around for a few years now and just get better and better every time I see them. They sound like a breed of The Strokes and The White Stripes. Raw talent here. Anthony on the drums has always been in the music industry and it is pretty rad seeing him on the other side of the recording booth. 


Andy Harrington (Heliophonic) is just ridiculously talented. He has played in many bands but lately he has had his solo project, which is mind blowing. I know he is also working on a visual aspect to his man made solo album that I am dying to see. His music is deep and soul whispering. I can’t think how else to describe it. It is a breed of Radiohead and The Pixies if I had to pick. He oozes talent. 

Tone Egan is super fun. He is the type of musician you want to just keep in your pocket and hear him sing and play like all the damn time. You will never get sick of it. His voice always reminds me of Cake but he has such versatility and a range of dynamics. I love his shows. They are always coupled with an interesting event which is refreshing here when everything seems to be the same old, same old night life. He tends to shake things up with a crew, such as spinning a wheel or rolling a dice for which musician plays next. Very fun! 

Tone Egan

Jacie Madison

Dull Blades

The Mondo Tikis

Andy Harrington

Here are the FAQs of the event:

Facebook Event Page

Street Style Saturday – Biker Babes with Electric Oranges

Electric Oranges is Carly Sinigoi and Sarah Starling from Brevard County in Florida. It is a pop up style shop filled with vintage, up cycles and couture clothing straight from the Sunshine State. Their collection features items that span several decades and their tastes are impeccable and fun.

Danielle Gess, Theresa Lanno and Misti Blu Day where the hair and makeup team for this shoot. We got ready at The Big Bang Studio and took this set outside of the studio. Photos are by Misti Blu Photography and of course wardrobe and styling by Electric Oranges. We came together to collaborate on a few ideas. Stay tuned for our Street Style Saturday, which will be dedicated to sharing these delicious shoots as well as including information on how to track down Electric Oranges.

Upcoming Electric Orange trunk shows:


September  5th 10am – 5pm

Electric Fall Events

Rehab Vintage Market Melbourne, FL
(Parking lot)

Pop up $5 Holler Sale


October 10th 9am-5pm

Rehab Vintage Revival

Highland Ave, Downtown Eau Gallie

Large variety of vendors


October 17th

Salty Sweet Women’s ProAM Surf Contest at the Cocoa Beach Pier

Over 100 Women Surfers

Including Electric Oranges’ Shay Mahoney

Foodie Friday – Hawkers Asian Street Fair in Orlando, FL

1103 North Mills Avenue

Orlando, FL 32803

Hawker’s chefs select the best authentic street food recipes fro macross Asia to the table for you to experience.

Two Chrysanthemum Tea is great for the immune system.

Crispy Roast Pork “Siu Yoke” Seasoned tender pork belly, roasted to a crisp and served with a hoisin dipping sauce. This is like bacon on crack. It was hot and juicy and sinful. Total food porn moment. I will do 20 crunches when I get home as punishment.

Curry Duck Noodles A Southeast Asian favorite. Egg noodles, vegetables and roadt duck stir-fried in Hawker’s own curry recipe. The curry sauce is perfect. So perfect. I don’t know what else to say.

Beautiful Thursday: Are You Getting A Proper Blow Out?

“It doesn’t matter if I do the best haircuts in the industry if I can’t showcase it with a beautiful blowout.”


A few years ago, the world was introduced to blow out bars. Popping up in metropolitan areas like Manhattan, Los Angeles and D.C., it was a marketed as the “it” experience for professional women to get their hair coiffed in a long lasting hairstyle in a luxury setting. Oftentimes, cocktails would be served while pursuing through a glossy menu of style choices, giving the client the feeling of being in an episode of Gossip Girls where Blair Waldorf could breeze in at any given time.


It’s a business model that reminds me a little of the nail salon industry. Very specifically catered to a woman who will slap down $35 to $50 a week for a polished and finished look. The funny thing is, salons have been offering this service for generations and the introduction of blow out bars had only created a rise in requests.

If you have crazy thick curly hair that you only wash a couple times a week (because who wants to blow all that out everyday?) the investment of having someone do it for you and it lasts for a few days? Hellyeah!

Or if you have an event like a wedding, a reunion or a night on the town, and you want to look gorgeous but not like you tried too hard?  Yup. A banging blow out.

But are all blow outs the same?


First off, and many of my colleagues may get mad at me for saying this, not all stylist are trained to give a quality blowout. It seems like the simplest of hair services and is often approached that way by many salons but in truth, it’s far more complicated than one would think. Aside from having an understanding of what the client desires; the cut, texture, density, length, and quality of the hair all influence how the stylist approaches the blowout. Each factor will determine what product to use, what brush, the direction in which they hold the hair, how much hair they take in each subsection, what heat to use. Every head of hair mapped out so that each strand falls to its desired location.

This takes training from a knowledgeable educator, patience and a lot of practice. Sadly, not something all professionals want to commit the time to. Why? Time and money. Blowouts are often included in haircuts or color services which adds 20 to 30 minutes to the hair service so many people devalue its importance.

Time is money…..but quality is King.

So how do you know you got a value out of your investment?

First, you should be able to get your fingers through your hair. If the stylist is putting heavy sticky hairspray in your hair (or layers upon layers of product after you are dry), the chances are, they did not properly seal the cuticle or work the hair enough. A  little serum and a light working hairspray that still leaves your hair with movement and bounce should be adequate.


Second, your ends should be smooth. Many stylists work on smoothing out the hair (creating that beautiful shine) but give up by the time they get to the ends of your hair which typically needs the most help. The ends of your hair is the oldest part of your hair and is subjected to the most damage. The point of a good blow out is to smooth the hair thus giving it the appearance of healthy hair.

Third, your blow out should last 2 to 3 days. What does that mean? Your hair should maintain it’s smooth texture and with just some light brushing, it should get somewhat back to it’s original style. Granted, there are exceptions to every rule. Some people have over active sebaceous glands but a little bit of dry shampoo at the scalp should put things back in order.

When I worked in New York, the demand for a perfect blowout was so high that it often monopolized my book. Once my clients came in for a cut and had a proper blow out they became excited about their hair’s potential. They were accustomed to that rough dry  followed by a flat iron which left no body. It’s an experience they never had with their hair before and It’s a little addicting.

So, now that you are armed with all this information, the question you should be asking yourself is….

Are you getting a proper blow out?

Wanderlust Wednesday: Brooklyn Love

I have to admit, Brooklyn was not an area I visited often when I lived in NY. Though, in theory, it was a short trip from where I lived, the truth is the traffic was normally a nightmare, and mass transit wasn’t appealing to a person who likes to get in the car and go. So when my sister announced she was getting married in her neighborhood in Brooklyn I decided to take my vacation time to be with family and we booked a night at the Marriott at the Brooklyn Bridge the night before the wedding.

Marriot at the Brooklyn Bridge Brooklyn, much like NYC,  is an area in that is growing and evolving. Truth is, when we drove in, I was stunned by the amount of development that had happened since I was last there.  The Barclay Center, which debut was in 2012 , has created an epicenter for new construction, businesses and entertainment. Built where Fort Greene, Prospect Park and park Slope neighborhoods join, I heard many locals grumble that as the neighborhood has expanded, so has the cost of living, pushing out many of the same people that has made Brooklyn the eclectic and artisan haven so many flock to.image

Though I was intrigued by a lot of the great restaurants, it was Friday night. People just getting out of work or coming to the area to start their weekend flocked to the area so we settled on roaming into a Shake Shack that was, by far, the best burgers and fries I’ve had in a while (not to mention the shakes) Even though it was a fast food joint, the urban decor with its reclaimed wood accents and huge windows opening up to the busy streets, added to the “hey, I’m in Brooklyn” experience.

Shake Shack




After finishing the night drinking a couple of Berry Mojitos at the hotel bar we called it a night. The wedding was taking place at 9am at the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens and a trolley would be picking us up at 8:15am (have mercy!)

Being a hairstylist, there was no way I wasn’t going to do the bridal party’s hair so I recruited my dearest friend and partner-in-crime, Ramon Montalvo.


Thank God he made himself available (and was my date for the affair) because not only is he a brilliant hairstylist but a perfectionist that was quick to dive in and adjust my sister’s hair throughout the event, leaving me to marinate in the joy of the event.


With the temperature a cool 75 degrees, the guests walked through the beautiful gardens and marveled at the  breath-taking venue. There was a feeling that we were the only ones roaming about even though it’s in the heart of Brooklyn.

imageTheir ceremony and vows perfectly reflected their union.  Heartfelt, refreshingly unique and enough quirky elements that made you feel like you were on an adventure. How many weddings have all that?


After the ceremony we all boarded a trolley, passing local landmarks like the Brooklyn Flea (oh, if I only had more time!) and arrived at a lovely French cafe, Chez Oskar.

As we entered, the string quartet played Bittersweet Symphony by Verve, my ALL TIME favorite song.

The food, the music, the great conversation and the bustling neighborhood made for a brilliant morning.


Though we had to quickly depart after the reception was over (had to pick up my son), rumor has it the bride and groom walked home in their bridal attire to change for their honeymoon. As they walked through the streets, locals clapped and cheered the newly weds and the bride, realizing she never threw her bouquet, threw it into a crowded sidewalk cafe as onlookers cheered on.

….and they lived happily ever after.