Wanderlust Wednesday – Michigan with Theresa Lanno

Beer • Football • Camaraderie 

Those are the 3 words that describe Michigan and it’s pretty awesome to feel a part of it. It is ranked #5 for the most breweries in the nation. I went to one called Olde Peninsula and had a flight.
From left to right:

Sierra Rose Raspberry out of Grand Rapids

Monks Sour Ale 

Cider Boys Draft

Obren Wheat Ale

All Local! My favorite was the Raspberry. 

Tacos from Old Burdick’s Bar and Grill

BEEF TACOS: Barbacoa beef, queso fresco, lettuce, pico de gallo, creamy chipotle sauce. 

The BEST fried pickles I have ever had at Olde Peninsula Brewpub in Kalamazoo. On Saturday and Sunday they have brunch specials till 2pm. I ordered the Irish Dubler.


Michigan goes from suburbs to city life within 10 minutes. My boyfriend’s mom lives on the most beautiful peaceful lake in Battle Creek, called Lake Pine. Simply Gorgeous! 


15 Minutes up the street, I was sitting on a rooftop in Kalamazoo looking over the most beautiful city ever. A college town,  but classy fun and unexpectedly inexpensive! The Wild Bull was my favorite bar by far. If you’re in your early 20s you will love Grotto or AFB (Another Fucking Bar).


They do something a “shotski” Everyone takes a shot at the same time off of a ski! It was entertaining and really messy, but a must try. Duh! 

If you live in Michigan, you love Michigan and you most likely love football! It’s very endearing. The camaraderie is nothing like I have ever seen! It just is was it is! I’m learning little by little but the big rivalry seems to be State or Michigan and they take it SERIOUSLY! Oh, and if you like Ohio state don’t tell anyone! Oh yeah, ask for “pop” not “soda.”  Everyone  loves Mountain Dew and everyone will take out their hand to show you were they live. 

My trip to Michigan was the best of both worlds, I loved it! Awesome nightlife, peaceful lakes, and great people. Everyone is so nice. I had 4 girls come up to me to say that they like my hair or that I was pretty! That doesn’t happen in Florida ever. After dinner, at my boyfriend’s mother’s house, her neighbor brought us a fresh raspberry pie right from her garden! She told me she brings her stuff every week. I would do nothing but eat here. All the food was amazing! 


So yes, I’ve become “a little smitten with the mitten.” 


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