Beautiful Thursday – 30 Day Cleanse?

By Misti Blu Day


Sorry in advance, but I just cannot jump on whatever current cleanse or fitness bandwagon is “in” at the moment. It is not that I would rather shove a cupcake in my mouth over a packet of intensly flavored nutrition and yellow number 5 that will make me shit my brains out all morning… Wait, maybe I would rather eat the cupcake.

I just cannot wrap my head around artificial flavored packets to pour into my water and then try to sell the brand off to my friends.  I do not like sweets very often and the flavores for the packets and shakes are always desserty. Slim Fast is the original gangster. Then we had shakeology. Now, Advocare. But first… To each their own! I am not knocking it. It just in not for me.

When I get on a health kick I simply just do healthy things like take vitamins, drink lots of water, eat healthy, exercise. Occasionally I will load up a smoothie with Green Vibrance, which I get at the local health food store.

I put it in my smoothie, also loaded with blueberries and spinach, bee pollen, kefir and whatever other healthy shit I have on hand. I call it the Darth Vader smoothie because of the color. It is actually quite delicious and for someone who cannot do breakfast, it works!

Honestly, the last time I made a smothie was quite awhile ago. I just started trying to get in shape again. The point of this post is to inspire myself and others to get back on the health kick. What works best for me is to ease into it, otherwise I feel like a failure the first mistake or set back I have. Plus, changing your lifestyle can make you drag your feet because it can be overwhelming, which is why I started the 30 day challenge to ease yourself into a healthy lifestyle.

Week One:

  • No Booze! FML right? It is pretty tough considering that most activities seem to revolve around drinking but just stick to it. Let your friends know so they don’t come over with a bottle of wine or ask you to meet them at the pub this weekend. I reached out to Facebook friends about doing non-drinking activities after spending my week at home being antisocial and was pleasantly surprised at how many people were down! Kayaking, bike rides, painting, a good old fashioned movie… The options are limitless!
  • Drink 16oz of water when you wake up. I am an advid water drinker but mostly later in the day and at night. I never drink water in the morning unless it is an extra large iced caramel macchiato with extra caramel drizzle, please!
  • That is it for week 1. I lost 6 pounds just from that. I did a 1 minute wall sit and about 20 squats per day. Since I was not having my typical shots of Jameson on Tuesday and Saturday, I rewarded myself with wings and cupcakes in bed.  

Week Two

  • I am going to continue everything from week one but no eating after midnight add this routine everyday:

Week Three: 

  • Breakfast. No eating after midnight began last week. I think that was my favorite time to eat! RIP midnight snacks! Breakfast was never a thing for me unless it was at noon. If you are not a breakfast person first thing in the morning then go the smoothie route. Breakfast means Break (the) Fast from going all night without food. It is very important.
  • Continue steps from week one and two. Notice that we are weaning ourselves into a healthy lifestyle!?
  • Cut out all fried food and lower your sugar intake. I replaced my iced loaded caramel crack coffees with herbal tea.  

Week Four:

  • Continue ever from week 1-3 and make sure you are drinking plenty of water.
  • At this point, you may reward yourself with a glass of wine or a cold beer. Everything in moderation! Going back out to the bars and doing shots will not keep the weight off. Some people allow themselves a “cheat day.” Icall mine Sinning Sunday.
  • Become more active. In addition to the daily home workout, go on a brisk walk, go kayaking, whatever works for you.
  • Stay healthy. Do healthy things. Think healthy thoughts.

Good luck!

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