Beautiful Thursday: What to Consider when Choosing an Updo

Weddings, Proms, Homecomings, Social Events…there are so many events that come up where you may be in need of a beautiful coiffed style. Oftentimes, my clients will bring pictures of what they want,which is incredibly helpful and welcomed. However, there are some important factors that many people do not consider ahead of time and are sorely disappointed when “dream hair” does not turn out what they expected.

Here are some important considerations when pulling together a Pinterest look book of option for your stylist.


Yes, a brunette can wear the same updo  as a blonde or ginger but you won’t see the details in pictures. When looking at pictures of updos decide if it’s the shape or the detail that excites you. Typically a picture of a blonde will showcase the beautiful details in the creation where in darker brunette a, it’s all about the shape. Don’t believe me? Look back at old prom pictures and compare the blondes from the brunette a. If the brunette did a style that focused on details the chances are those details, though visible, did not pop like the blonde.

A blonde an brunette. Same style, different results

A blonde an brunette. Same style, different results

Does this mean brunette a can’t have details? Of course not! Just make sure the shape is the wow factor.


What are you wearing?

It’s one of the first questions I ask my clients when they sit in my chair. This can be a deciding factor on up, down, vintage or modern. For instance, when wearing a dress with one shoulder and you want an asymmetric updo, which side do you put the heavy side? If your stylist doesn’t know wear the straps are, you may look very heavy on one side. Or, if you chose a bridal gown because you think the back of it is gloriously detailed, you’ll want to make sure you style your hair up to show it off. Keep these factors in mind both when choosing a hairstyle but your dress as well!


Extensions, Extension, Extensions…

I can do amazing things with hair. Really. But I cannot give you Taylor Swifts hair. She’s got more hair than the average girl so if you want your hair to have that fullness, you may need extensions. Clip ins work. Preferably real hair because the synthetic kind can not have heat on it. Expect the price to be a minimum of $100 to buy those bad boys but on the plus side, you get to keep them!


She had surprised me on the photoshoot with her hair all cut off….extensions save the day!!!

Veils, Tiaras and Adornments! Oh My!

If a stylist does not know what you are wearing on your head, we cannot make proper space for it in our creation. Even if you are planning on putting a simple clip in your hair, a stylist should do it. Why? Because once we’ve constructed your hairstyle and lacquered it with hairspray you cannot muss with it. Besides, wouldn’t you want there to be no unsightly pins or elastic showing? That’s our job.


You are not Kim Kardashian. You are : fill in the blank.

When you show me a picture of a celebrity updo, I will take it as inspiration to make the best possible you…not said celebrity.


Because a kabillion other women are showing that same picture to THEIR stylists. Each client is an individual. My job is to highlight that and make it uniquely and authentically YOU. I mean, why have cookie cutter hair when you can have couture?


Still some detail in her updo but we focused on how the shape would go with her dress.

Tell us your experiences with getting your hair done and how you felt about it. We want to hear!

Street Style Saturday – Urban Queen

Jacket: Vegan Leather Jacket from Urban Outfitters for $109. Get your favorite locat tattoo Artist or buddy who can do street art to paint up your jacket with acrylic paint or fabric pens.



Lip: Unicorn Lipstick Series in blue over at Lime Crime is a fun urban pop of color. $18

Shoe: Pin Yin from Irregular Choice is $200 but a seriously fun and bold fashion statement. $200

Pants: Charlotte Russe has an assortment of bottoms from pencil skirts to skinny jeans. I love the skinny jeans with a bold heel and fun jacket. These pop and make me think urban and are a great price. I would pair it with a plain top.  


Beautiful Thursday-MacGuyvering Your Hair Through a Busy Day

I don’t want to piss off my fellow stylists, but I am a very busy single mother of three who is also a workaholic. Sometimes I go a shameful amount of time between shampoos. 

This particular blog post is dedicated to my filthy hair, that smells like mixture of bacon and who knows what else. I probably should not even say! So, I am in between clients and pulling a 12 hour day today and finishing my evening by fulfilling my promise to take the kids to a movie. Tomorrow is a crazy day too  and I still have to pack for my trip to Chicago for my training with Peter Coppola! That being said, here are some 911 MacGuyver hair tips to pull off looking fresh for even one more day:

  • Febreeze. Yes, I literally Febreezed my hair this morning. I have gone out one night this week into a smokey bar as well as cooked up some bacon. So, yes, I flipped my hair over and Febreezed it! Normally, my go-to is the Chi Shine Infusion spray because it brings my hair  back to life with shine and also, the scent is strong and smells amazing. 
  • Powder. I live and swear by dry shampoo. I usually have a small amount in my purse at all times. Of course, sometimes I am out or can’t find the damn thing. I prefer Sexy Hair H2NO. If you are in a pinch, you can use any powder, like baby powder or talc. I usually use my face powder because it is in my purse and is a quick way to matte oily hair in between shoots under this scorching Florida sun. 
  • Lotion. I know all of you ladies have lotion in your car or purse. Sometimes, my hair will be extra dry or I had no time to tame it and it becomes a frizzy monster. Lotion can be a quick mane tamer if you are in a pinch. Otherwise, I use Moroccan Oil or a light creamy product such as Aquage Transforming Paste. 


And don’t worry! I plan to shampoo my hair tonight….. Or tomorrow! Gotta go!


    Street Style Saturday-Sasha’s Modern Twist to Retro Fashion

    Sasha Rosenblum is wearing a Modern Crew Tee from Gap with Button Jeans from Freddies of Pinewood. “Lately I’ve been getting a lot of compliments on my monochromatic outfits that incorporate new, contemporary purchases with older, classic vintage pieces.”

    I bumped into Sasha on her way to the village post office to ship her ebay items. She is a friend of mine and a client and is always dressed on point, so of course I had to snap a photo of her style. She always rocks the modern rockabilly look and her home is like a 1960s time capsule. I will definitely have to feature it on the blog! 

    The hat is 40’s/50’s driving cap and would be used by men in that era while driving. It is also called a Newsboy Cap. “Wearing multiple layers of varied textures of one color add dimension to an outfit, while also allowing you to highlight or downplay certain parts of your body,” Sasha dishes the scoop on her latest styles. 

    Sasha also has an eBay shop with all of her amazing vintage finds. 


    Beautiful Thursday-What’s With “Strobing”?

    Strobing is the latest makeup craze that is breaking the Internet. Nothing about this technique is new besides the name. Strobing is an easier way to achieve a contoured look but less challenging. What you do is highlight your features using illuminating products that makes your skin glow where the light naturally hits your face. Some artists use a darker shade of foundation to make a more contrasted look with the highlights. This look is simply done using your fingers and a great product. I prefer NYX  Born To Glow. 

    Brow bone, cheekbones, bridge of the nose, tip of the chin, center of the forehead and cupid’s bow are the areas you should apply the product. Liquid or cream highlighting products produce a dewy finish. Pat in with your fingers until you see a smooth blend. You can combine this look with contouring to give it a more luminous glow with a bolder result for a night out or photo shoot. 
     When I tried the strobing technique on myself, I felt like it switched up my normal makeup routine and had produced a radiant summer look. My only suggestion is to not forget blush. I see so many makeup artists on the contour wagon and blush has been on the back burner. Rosy cheeks are healthy and pretty. I personally love strobing now with a BB cream and blush, a bold lip, brow fill and mascara for a daily wear.  So, have fun! Play around! 

    Top 5 Tuesday-5 Ways to Get Out of a Funk

     Everyone from time to time gets in a funk. Personally, I do often. Here are some tips to stay positive and to keep your mind happy:

    1) Go Herbal

     Going herbal is a healthier option for your mind and body. Valerian Root is my personal favorite. It helps with insomnia and anxiety. I like to think of it as a natural version if Valium. St. John’s Wort is an antidepression and for mood disorders. Chamomile and Kava Kava are very calming and help take the edge off. You can take these in herbal teas and capsules. I get mine from Mrs. Mango’s

    2) Get a Pet


    Many studies have shown that getting a pet can reduce stress in your life. Think about service dogs for PTSD patients or bringing a puppy into a nursing home or hospital. They put a smile on your face.  It is a different kind of love. Plus, who does not want a cuddle buddy?

    Web MD Pets and Depression

    3) Words of affirmation 

     Yoda is my guru. This is one of my favorite quotes: Do or do not. I need friendly reminders to stay positive and motivated. When I lack the drive or feel lost, I will browse words of affirmations and quotes until I feel motivated again.  

    4) Get a hobby


    I definitely have many hobbies. I draw, paint, wood work, write, play drums and take photos…. You name it! Baking is another hobby of mine. For others, going to the gym, hiking or playing soccer and being physically active are good hobbies to have. Having a hobby is something to look forward to. Like learning to play guitar, you have goals: Learn chords, learn a song, start a band! Find passion and a productive outlet. 

    5) Hygiene


    When you are in a funk, you are probably in bed and have not brushed your hair, or feel like a mess. Get your ass in the shower and wash your hair. Blast some upbeat music and get dressed, brush your teeth and put on a nice outfit. Then, go outside and see the sunshine. It is the best way to start your day. There is something about feeling fresh and looking good that can lift your spirit. If you still aren’t feeling it, get a haircut. 

    • If you still can’t get out of your funk, talk to a friend. You can also check your local resources online and find out about counseling or therapy. Many local colleges offer free services. 

    Street Style Saturday-Bobbi’s at Parkside


    Bobbi’s at Parkside is a beautiful boutique facing the park in Cocoa Village. I must admit that I have sipped on a beer next door at The Village Idiot and popped in to see if there was anything I could wear for the evening without breaking the bank. Sure enough, I found a flowy black dress that I absolutely had to have. 

    I love that Cocoa Village is growing and with this new strip by the park, it is full of amazing new and previous businesses. You can spend the entire day here. Start off with a caramel macchiato at Ossorio’s, who makes their caramel from scratch! Then, you can walk over to Bobbi’s and try not to buy EVERYTHING! I have a serious weakness for her jewelry, which she travels outside of the country to inport and personally assist in the designs. Of course, you need a nice cold beer after shopping. We later took the ladies, Elisha and Christie, to Crush Eleven for drinks and dinner, but that is an entire other blog post. Yum! It was definitely a fun ladies night!


    What I love about Bobbi’s is that they treat you like family and she is incredibly involved in the community. She is always giving back and throwing fun events to get others involved on giving back as well. Her shop is unique and there is always something for everyone. Styles range from bohemian to beachy chic while remaining affordable. 


    Hair by Misti Blu and Danni Gess from The Big Bang Studio

    Makeup by Joyous Faces

    Wardrobe and Jewelry from Bobbi’s at Parkside

    Models: Elisha M & Christie Walker


    Beautiful Thursday-Theresa’s Antihumidity Makeup Must Haves


    1) Benefits Stay Flawless 15 hr Primer : Apply after moisturizer and before foundation. This product is also sweat proof and keeps all of your makeup in place all day! Perfect for a hot summer! 

    2) Becca’s Ultimate Coverage Complexion Crème: This is great for a hot evening out. It is full coverage (don’t use powder over it, instead use a finishing spray) and is sweat and humidity resistant. It will last all night through dancing or outside parties without showing any flaws or being cakey.

    3) Benefit’s Benetint in rose: This product is a little intimidating but it’s awesome! With the appearance of a nail polish, Benetint is actually a liquid blush. Make two X shapes on the apples of your cheeks and pat in with your ring finger. You will be left with natural rosy cheeks that will last you all day and night. It’s a stain and it’s not sticky. You can also apply it to your lips for a natural look. They come in 4 different colors. This one is the original. 

    4) NYX Matte Finishing Spray: This is something that I use everyday during the summertime. Mist over your finished makeup look for an all day zero shine finish. For the dry complexion girls, there is also a dewy finishing spray that is great and also made by NYX.

    5) Kat Von D liquid lips in Lolita: It goes on like a lipgloss but finishes matte. It stays all day through sweat, heat and eating.  It doesn’t budge! Matte lips have been all the rage but this one doesn’t dry your lips out and lasts. Lolita looks great with a tan over the summer.

    6) Mario Badescu facial spray : Keep this in your bag over the season. It’s $5 at Ulta! It is filled with aloe, herbs and rose water and keeps your face hydrated while soothing your skin from the heat. Mist over makeup or natural face and neck.

    Theresa Lanno is a licensed cosmetologist at The Big Bang Studio in Cocoa Village. She loves makeup and the beach! She is also a brow specialist.