Street Style Saturday-Sasha’s Modern Twist to Retro Fashion

Sasha Rosenblum is wearing a Modern Crew Tee from Gap with Button Jeans from Freddies of Pinewood. “Lately I’ve been getting a lot of compliments on my monochromatic outfits that incorporate new, contemporary purchases with older, classic vintage pieces.”

I bumped into Sasha on her way to the village post office to ship her ebay items. She is a friend of mine and a client and is always dressed on point, so of course I had to snap a photo of her style. She always rocks the modern rockabilly look and her home is like a 1960s time capsule. I will definitely have to feature it on the blog! 

The hat is 40’s/50’s driving cap and would be used by men in that era while driving. It is also called a Newsboy Cap. “Wearing multiple layers of varied textures of one color add dimension to an outfit, while also allowing you to highlight or downplay certain parts of your body,” Sasha dishes the scoop on her latest styles. 

Sasha also has an eBay shop with all of her amazing vintage finds. 


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