Beautiful Thursday-What’s With “Strobing”?

Strobing is the latest makeup craze that is breaking the Internet. Nothing about this technique is new besides the name. Strobing is an easier way to achieve a contoured look but less challenging. What you do is highlight your features using illuminating products that makes your skin glow where the light naturally hits your face. Some artists use a darker shade of foundation to make a more contrasted look with the highlights. This look is simply done using your fingers and a great product. I prefer NYX  Born To Glow. 

Brow bone, cheekbones, bridge of the nose, tip of the chin, center of the forehead and cupid’s bow are the areas you should apply the product. Liquid or cream highlighting products produce a dewy finish. Pat in with your fingers until you see a smooth blend. You can combine this look with contouring to give it a more luminous glow with a bolder result for a night out or photo shoot. 
 When I tried the strobing technique on myself, I felt like it switched up my normal makeup routine and had produced a radiant summer look. My only suggestion is to not forget blush. I see so many makeup artists on the contour wagon and blush has been on the back burner. Rosy cheeks are healthy and pretty. I personally love strobing now with a BB cream and blush, a bold lip, brow fill and mascara for a daily wear.  So, have fun! Play around! 

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