Top 5 Tuesday – Daily Healthy Skincare Tips from Joyous Faces

1) Cleanse: It is very important that you  cleanse your face. Clean off any oil, loose dead skin cells and dirt from the environmental grime at the end of the day. I know the classic go to is a bar of soap or whatever kind of soap you may have in your shower. That can cause dryness and irritation. I encourage you to purchase a facial cleanser for your skin type.  Neutrogen is a reasonably priced product line that can work for most skin types.

2) Exfoliation: Always make sure that you exfoliate. Use a micro-bead exfoliate facial scrub instead of the apricot scrub. Apricot scrubs, or seed based scrubs, create fine line lacerations that will develop overtime and they can actually assistant in wrinkle creation. The micro-beads roll smoothly on the skin and provide an even exfoliation. This is extremely important. When you exfoliate you remove any dead skin, therefore it sends a message to your brain to create new fresh beautiful skin. It also helps to prevents breakouts and blackheads. Aveeno Positively Radiant is my recommendation for an  exfoliating product.

3) Moisturize: If you want to save the money on your cleanser or your exfoliation material, always put a little bit more money into a  quality moisturizer. With a good moisturizer, make sure it is for your skin type and beneficial for your skin and needs. Always look for Vitamin C as an ingredient. My personal favorite is Dermaware Perfect Fit Hydrator. I carry this at my shop,  Joyous Faces Skincare Studio and Makeup Artistry.

4. Protect: Protection is one of the most important things that you can do for your future self. The sun damage that you are exposed to today will not show up for 20 years. So, right now you may be on the beach looking like hot stuff with your tanning oil and no SPF, however, when you’re 40 it’s going to catch up with you. I always recommend SPF 30 or over for my clients. SPF 30 is the max protection and then the larger the number gets(SPF 50) the longer the sunscreen lasts on your skin. So you really get the protection of the 30 in a 50 but it lasts twice as long. Don’t forget to apply to the neck, décolletage and tops of hands.

5) Hydrate: Drink that H2O!!! Hydration is an essential in the Florida summer heat. Water flushes toxins out of your body. Toxins can otherwise present themselves as facial and/or back breakouts. Water, water, water!

Joy McGregor is a licensed esthetician and Mac Makeup professional. She co-owns a studio called Joyous Faces Skincare Studio and Makeup Artistry  that offers makeup services, facials, spray tans, teeth whitening, lashes, massage and other luxury services. Joyous Faces Skincare Studio and Makeup Artistry is located in Merritt Island, Florida.

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