Wanderlust Wednesday – Hanson’s Shoe Repair

Hanson’s Shoe Repair is the latest craze for a hand crafted cocktail. It is a small and hidden prohibition style bar that requires proper attire and a password to get in. Located in downtown Orlando, you will pass through an artsy bar to find a door upstairs.  You cannot come in and order a rum and coke or a vodka and Redbull. Instead, you are going to try something new and special that fits the speakeasy vibe. The lights are dim and the atmosphere feels like you stepped into a time capsule or are in NYC for the evening. 

For thirteen years, the sale and manufacturing of alcohol was prohibited starting in 1919. During this time, people got very creative in finding ways around this new law, thus inspiring  the “Speakeasy.”  


I tried the Au Revoir Ete which is made with St. Augustine Gin, Salers Aperitif, orchard peach, lemon, honey, and rosemary. Very strong and uniquely flavored. It was perfect. 


27 E. Pine Street in Orlando, Florida

Call 407-476-9446 to get the password! 

If you love bourbon as much as I do, try Through The Looking Glass. 

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