Music Monday – Everymen 07/09/2015 Cocoa Village Show at Dog and Bone British Pub

This was my first time seeing Everymen at a live show. They are a fun-loving sideshow punkrock band from Lake Worth, Florida and tour outside of Florida often.  I remember coming to a show once but it was over and I missed everything. Everyone looked like they had a great time. Before the sweat, blood and music started, I asked everyone why they came tonight to see Everymen.




“The first time I saw them they spit whiskey and lit it on fire, then did the limbo with the standup bass while he was still playing. It is always a good live show with interaction with the crowd. Yeah! What what. But seriously, that guy over there, his cornrows are so cool that I want to lick the skin between the braids.” –Elisha

“They are always shirtless. I don’t really like them.” –Scott

“The standup bass guy is amazingly hot.” –Michelle

“Because they’re all amazing and I want a cuddle fest with them. Their music is amazing and they are great guys.” –Rosie

“The first time I met them, they played at a house party and played ‘My Milkshake Brings All The Boys To The Yard’ and they just bring everyone to the yard!” –Carrie

“They’re some of my good friends.” –I forgot who said this.

“They…..” phone rings and walks away. –Logan

“I have nothing better to do.” –Austin

“Facebook bonding.” –Daniel

“My friends are fans so I came to see their fans. They always put on a good show.” –Bryan

“They are awesome. They breathe fire and ride unicycles. They are a sideshow band and nice guys.” –Andrew

“I come here every Thursday.” –Mike (Totally saw him dancing and enjoying himself later)

“You told me to come.” –Jan

“Just ‘cuz.” -Gus Papa Jems

“My girl is here.” –Christian

“It is the last show of the tour and I know it will be amazing.” –Leah

“They play awesome music and have an amazing presentation. They all take their shirts off too. ” –Natalie

“To see my brother Mike D off. So, brews and hugs.” –Wolfy

“I love them. They are so unique and put on a good show. I always make sure to see them when they are here. I love their story.” –Tracy

“Because I fucking love them.”-Aubrey

“Becca made me and they are peaceful loving awesome dudes who bring out a great crowd. I get to listen to great music while I work.” –Andy

” A show at Dog N Bone is always a good time. Free show and no charge for ladies to drink upstairs. Threaten me with a good time!” –TJ

1IMG_7115  1IMG_7123

Reid gets hit in the face with a mic, “Shit happens at shows.” –Reid

1IMG_7124 1IMG_7131 1IMG_7151 1IMG_7171

While they covered TLC’s “Scrubs” in an elbow to elbow packed venue, I realized that every single person there was having a good time. My body was getting misted with their sweat and my gin and tonic spilled on my feet with each bump from the crowd. EVERYONE had a huge smile on their face. These guys have been away from home and on tour since the beginning of June. They are very interactive with the crowd. People sing in their mics and they crowd surf while rocking out. Blood, bangos and beards. It was a gnarly and rowdy good time. They stopped mid song at one point to break up a fight. Reid got a battle wound but went right back to rocking out and having fun.

1IMG_7174 1IMG_7197 1IMG_7198

By the end of the night, their shirtless sweaty bodies glistened under the smokey dim lights. Yes, they are all babes. The girls were right. Everyone was soaked in beer and sweet and wacking eachother with pool noodles.  I walked away with their vinyl and a huge smile. So, now I know: Why would anybody go to an Everymen show? To have a great fucking time!

1IMG_7206 1IMG_7139

Everymen Website

Facebook aftermath: 
Watch a video clip from the show!

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