Wanderlust Wednesday-Kelly Park Rock Springs


There are so many gorgeous springs all over Florida and being conveniently located near the ocean can sometimes make us forget. I hopped in the car last week and headed to Rock Springs. The springs are typically a clear and cool 70 degrees. 
I googled Rock Springs and let my smart phone direct me there. When I arrived to the destination I was at a closed gate that had no water access. I parked my car and went to the website and got the correct address on the other side, about 12 miles around. I passed a Rock Springs Bar and Grill where you rent the tubes and paid $5 to get in. They do not rent tubes in the park or allow reentry. 

That being said, I highly recommend you bring your own or stop at the bar and grill to rent tubes because there is a perfect float stream. I also highly suggest to arrive no later than 10am because they close at a certain capacity. When we left at 1pm the park was still closed.   

It was a little brisk at first but after sitting in the sun it felt refreshing. It was very much worth the hour and a half drive and great to see my feet in the water. So clean!  

Check out their website for the correct address and any other tips I may have missed! 

Rock Springs Kelly Park

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