Music Monday – Chicago

I am in Chicago for a few days and stumbled across some music!

Jacuzzi Boys are not from Chicago but from Miami, Florida and recently moved to LA. I ran into them at the Wicker Park Fest in Chicago. Wicker Park is a neighborhood on the west side of Chicago.  I went to see Blonde Redhead but ended up on the wrong side of the fest, sandwiched in and forced to enjoy Charles Bradley and the Extraordinaire’s instead, which was a blues funk baby of Otis Redding and James Brown. Super fun! He is Gainesville, Florida.

I wish I was not sandwiched in a sea of sweaty Chicago locals and could have gotten some good shots but I am also here for training and this was my only moment to sneak away! So enjoy these fine tunes and listen to something new! 

Blonde Redhead
Jacuzzi Boys – Double Vision
Charles Bradley – Why Is It So Hard?

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