Street Style Saturday-Upcycled T-shirt

I really hate throwing out things that I can rework. I have painted furniture, reworked old costume jewelry, created Cosplay costumes, pillows out of torn bed sheets, stuffed monsters out of socks but playing around with clothing you would wear as fashion? No.

I started seeing the shredded T-shirt tutorials about a couple years ago. Lace work out of old T-shirts (I’m particularly fond of ’90s and ’00s reworked concert T-shirts) have a fun summertime feel that can easily be accessorized or just worn to the beach. However, I am a mom of three boys and they are typically my guinea pigs. Not a fashion statement they were willing to make.

I decided to go to the thrift shop and hunt for a fun Fourth of July girl’s T-shirt to rework for Misti’s daughter. Shopping for a little girl: a rare treat!

I immediately found a sweet cap sleeved red T-shirt with an American flag that seemed perfect for the project. A whopping .49 cents!

I immediately went on Youtube to find an easy to follow tutorial. The one that seemed the easiest to follow was by Youtuber Ally McAlpine. I was particularly fond of her second look, which I attempted but the asymmetrical fringe shirt is a look was really cute as well. She had some great tips that I regrettably skipped and wished I hadn’t (do the soap chip step!).

Youtube Link
Ultimately, I was pleased with how fun it turned out and remarkably quick! About 20 minutes from start to finish.

Have you ever made a fringe T-shirt?

Tell us about your favorite design!

Wanderlust Wednesday-Not all those who wander are lost

DSC_1204 DSC_1192

DSC_1190 NinaMBD

Everyone decides they want to leave their hometown one day and do bigger and better things. For me, I have had many hometowns. I was born in California and remember chasing chickens on my grandmother’s farm and ducking under tables when the earth shook. I also have memories of my first snowball fight in Portland, Oregon. I lost my neighborhood in a tornado in Clever, Missouri and lived in a house without power for a month during the 2004 hurricanes in Central Florida. My parents always had the itch to take off and start over somewhere new, where I was always forced to be the shy new kid in school. I had fantasies of being someone different in each new town, but always froze when stepping foot in a new school when I was walked into my classroom to interrupted the lesson and be introduced to all the quiet eyes peering into my soul.

I can safely say that I have worked or lived in Cocoa Village for over a decade now, which is something I never thought I would do: settle down somewhere. I always found myself wondering where my home is. What I have learned is that everywhere you go is a small town but with different people and new scenery. Cocoa Village is my home. I may wander off here and there in search of mountains and cute accents but I will always drift back. I have fallen in love with my morning routine of grabbing an iced caramel macchiato at Ossorio’s and walking to work to start my day. I love the historical detail in the buildings and the breeze from the river. So, yeah, I can finally say I found my home.

Model: Nina Justine

Hair and Makeup: Danni Gess & Misti Blu

Location: Jaded Emerald in Cocoa Village

Dress: Bobbi’s at Parkside

Necklace & Photography: Misti Blu Day

Motorcycle: Hard Luck’s Rootbeer Flake